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AVENO NV Lipid Solutions

Fascinated by how oils and fats can be combined with food to enhance taste experiences, and how lipid chemistry contributes to perfect product structures, Aveno is established to provide a full range of lipid possibilities to help every professional chef.Its head office located at the port of Antwerp Belgium, the centre of Europe, provides a natural gateway to the world through which numerous of customers are being served on a daily basis in and far beyond Europe. Aveno’s warehouses are established near production units (edible oil, edible fat, margarine and olive oil production sites) to lower costs and enable short delivery terms regardless order size. Know-how and professionalism stems from Aveno’s high qualified and motivated personnel which results in a flexible, market trend driven approach to retailers, wholesalers, agents within food industry and large caterers.
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Aveno NV - Rostockweg 15 - Quay 308 - 312a - B-2030 Antwerp - Phone +32 3 544 18 17